The Measure Of A Commitment Is The Length To Which Someone Will Travel To Keep It.

A relationship with Pendleton Home Builders begins well before construction and extends long past the completion of your new home. Ultimately, our commitment to craftsmanship is a commitment to you.

We are a residential construction firm located in Historic Pendleton, South Carolina that is owned and operated by Richard Moore and Frederick Hamilton. With over sixteen years of experience, Pendleton Home Builders was founded with the dream of raising the building standard in Upstate South Carolina at any individual's price point. Rick and Fred have worked diligently, earning a reputation for excellence and integrity in our custom built homes.

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It's All About You, But Here's A Little About Us.

What happens when a commercial banker turned real estate developer meets a mechanical engineer turned real estate salesman? Pendleton Home Builders is formed!

While our goal is to create your vision through our experience, we feel you should understand our intentions as a company. We are not and will not be a large volume construction firm. It is our desire to produce 10-14 custom products per year. By limiting production, we ensure the hands on approach we desire and the ability to sustain our high level of quality.

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If Speaking Is Silver, Then Listening Is Gold.

It is all about communication to ensure the successful completion of your custom home and that is how we begin. Our initial consultation takes you through an extensive question and answer session where we not only try to identify the details of your home but how you intend to live and function in that space.

In most cases, there are several meetings between Pendleton Home Builders and our customers so we can identify every detail. This affords us the ability to accurately quote you a fixed price for the construction of your home and modify, where necessary, to maintain your budget. We are also happy to construct your home using the "cost plus" method. Either way, all materials are quoted through multiple vendors to ensure the best possible value and are available for your review.

Upon successful planning and pricing, we are then ready to execute a contractual agreement. Our contract contains all the details and specifications for your new home. Our level of detail ensures you now and when you sell that the highest quality materials are used. From dimensional lumber to wire gauge to concrete strength, no detail is left unturned.

Let the construction begin! This is our most passionate time as we begin to create your dream and look forward to our partnership over the next few months. There will be various walk-throughs, meetings, and without fail, some changes to ensure you will be pleased upon completion. It is in this "creation" part of the process where our enthusiasm shines through and you will see us at your site daily. We are very hands on through every detail!

While we are communicating about the product throughout the process, Pendleton Home Builders also distinguishes ourselves with our financial communication. You will be provided monthly statements ensuring you know exactly where you stand financially. This is just another way we try to raise the building standard to meet your needs.

Upon completion you will do a detailed walk-through with Rick and Fred where we finalize our "punch list." We then complete all "punch items" and can close on your new home!

After you have been in the home for 30 days, we then perform a follow-up inspection and address any new punch items you have. Beyond this point, if you have any issues we are just a phone call away. We will also perform follow-up inspections at 6 months and 18 months occupancy so we can evaluate our methods and improve our process, if necessary.

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"Pleasure In The Job Puts Perfection In The Work." (Aristotle 384BC-322 BC)

To ensure your confidence in our passion we offer a two-year builder warranty - twice as long as those of other builders in our market, with an optional 10-year warranty available.

Whatever your needs, whenever they occur, Pendleton Home Builders will be there to fulfill them. It is a well-earned reputation that is based on an overwhelming desire to ensure that your home is as easy to live in as is pleasurable!

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